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Hob repair

Hob Repair Advice from The Hotpointie Experts.


These are the most frequently asked questions and how to solve your issue.

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Which pans are suitable for my Hotpoint ceramic hob?

In order to keep your ceramic hob looking and working correctly, you must not use glass or copper-bottomed cookware, as this material will damage the surface of your ceramic glass.

If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 0818 313 413

My solid hotplates are staying warm long after the cooking has finished

Because of the dense materials used in the manufacture of Hotpoint solid hotplates they can often feel warm long after the Hotpoint hob top has been switched off.

This is a perfectly normal characteristic of solid hotplates which work in a slightly different manner to other types of electric heating elements.

If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 0818 313 413

How does induction-cooking work?

Unlike conventional electric hobs induction hobs do not work by directly heating the glass surface from underneath. The cooking vessel itself is the heating element. Heat is produced directly inside the pan, provided it is made from a ferromagnetic material, i.e. iron or steel. Because of this it is extremely important to use the correct pans.

Ease of use

The beauty of Hotpoint induction hobs is that each plate can be controlled independently of its surrounding hotplates, for a fixed period at whatever temperature level the user requires.


After cooking, the surface of any hob can get hot as heat is transferred from the cooking vessel back onto the hob glass. For your safety, our induction hobs have a residual heat indicator, which will be displayed (normally by a letter H adjacent to the heating zone selection key) until the hob temperature is below 60 degrees centigrade.

What heat setting should I put the hob on?

Setting Use
1 Melting butter or chocolate etc
2 or 3 Heating food gently, keeping water simmering, heating sauces; containing egg yolk and butter, simmering stews, meat, fish or vegetables.
4 or 5 Heating solid or liquid foods, keeping water boiling, thawing frozen vegetables, making 2-3 egg omelettes.
6 or 7 Cooking food just above simmering, maintaining a rolling boil for preserve making.
8 or 9 Sealing meat and frying fish.
9 Frying potatoes, boiling water, deep fat frying, dissolving sugar for preserve making


If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 0818 313 413


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